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Students: After You Submit Your Application:

  1. Pay attention to the closing dates for the opportunities for which you applied. It is unlikely that the faculty or staff member will contact candidates before this date, and it probably is not helpful to try to contact them before. Faculty will contact you usually within 1-2 weeks of the closing date if you are a finalist for the research position.
  2. You and your potential mentor should schedule a meeting/interview to further discuss the research program. The faculty member should inform you of a timeline over which he or she expect to make a final decision.
  3. Advice: You should interview your potential mentor just as much as he or she is interviewing you. Oftentimes interviewers find the response to the question "What questions do you have for me?" to be the most telling about an applicant (Hint: the correct answer is usually not "I don't have any questions."). Consider this advice for future real-world job interviews as well.
  4. If you are not selected for a project, check back later as new opportunities can be posted at any time.

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