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Opportunities For Students Interested In TSU Faculty and Staff Research

The TSU Undergraduate Research Portal is designed to connect TSU undergraduate students and researchers. This is your best source for finding (students) and advertising (researchers) opportunities for students to become more involved in the cutting-edge research being conducted at Tennessee State University. Faculty, research staff, and students will work closely together to complement classroom learning with real world applications. Students will gain deeper knowledge and skills that will benefit them in their future academic, employment, and life adventures.

The portal is designed to list brief summaries of all research opportunities in a compact, easy to read list. More details on a specific application can be obtained by clicking on the brief summary, which will bring up the full description. A standardized application form is common to all opportunities, with options for specific researchers to request additional information. This saves students time and effort in seeking a research opportunity. Some programs require prerequisite skill sets or coursework; others will help students learn on the job.

New research opportunities happen all the time. Students should check this site frequently as new opportunities are made available all the time. Some opportunities have well defined timelines (for example, a semester or year), while others are continuing projects. Some opportunities are paid, some can result in academic course credit, and others are optimized for the experience and love of learning. Check the individual opportunity descriptions for more details. Additional information is included in Enter Your Application.

Faculty and undergraduates from all of the schools and colleges at the Tennessee State University are welcome to participate.

This Undergraduate Research Portal was funded by NSF Grant AST-1059158 "Curriculum, Infrastructure, and Research Partnership Supporting Pursuit of Graduate Study in Astronomy at Tennessee State University", PI M.W. Muterspaugh, Co-I's G. Burks (TSU), J. Edelstein (UC Berkeley), D. Erskine (LLNL).
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